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Sunday, April 27, 2008
11:18 PM

saddest day of my life):

i felt like giving up in everything now..haiz...no mood in doing anything...i noe it takes time to heal the pain...however...the hurt still remain for now-_-..

all the best to u.....

maybe i m not gd enough):

Thursday, April 24, 2008
9:11 PM

as usual...today met cheng cheong at dover mrt first then go to lesson tgt...and to my surprise...he was holding on to this plastic bag name called"STAGE HYALINE OF WORLD" and inside was the cap he say he going to share with our clique to buy for me...omg..and its the same as wad luo zhi xiang wore in bai fen bai ytd!!...love that cap lots lah...thanks cheng,stanley and jingsheng!!(=...also not forgetting edwin and alyssa for the present...anw...i hate thurs cause its lecture,lecture and more lecture!!....who will not get tired when u have to listen to the lecturer speaking for non-stop sia?so at abt 2pm....we were having our last lecture for the day...but i really cannot tahan...so i fell asleep then....but not only me lah..lols....even top student also sleeping..hahas

anw congrats andy in winnning his bet for ytd match,barca vs man utd....really 0-0 sia...win money lah...treat me lunch one day..hahas...

ok..and I jus finished doing wireless tech tutorial..really difficult sia...all cant find in lecture notes de...sian lah..but manage to get it done in the end...oh and lastly...i m very tired now...lols...so goodnight everyone.!!..

before going to school...

mobile comm lecture...sian

totally random...hahas

yea....ITS STAGE!!!


thank u guys for this cap..love it !!!

maths lecture is not that fun too

when u have lecture for the whole day-_-

last pic to end with..STAGE!!


Wednesday, April 23, 2008
6:52 PM

hi everyone...i m back agn...monday after school, cheng they all initially want come my hse play mahjong de but suddenly stan and him cant make it?...so i went to watch forbidden kingdom with xiangrui,john,jian,jordan and eric at ard 7pm instead...lols... anw its a highly recommended movie...really very nice....

ok..carry on to talk abt tues stuffs... so ytd morning we were watching the odds for liverpool vs chelsea...then i suddenly rmb i m 18 le..can buy soccer liao..hahas..so after few hrs of intensive "yan jiu"..we decided to buy total goal 2 and we actually won !!...thats very lucky man...first time buy jiu win liao..lols...but win little bit only lah...anw today also gt buy...i bght barca win 2-1 and total goals 3...hope i will win bah..win i jiu have enough money to buy networking book liao..hahas..of cuz i will treat my frens too

so...today was having moblie comm practical and i enjoyed very much..hahas...really quite fun lah... anw after my gems at 3pm,i rush to sports hall for table tennis selection....play jus few minutes jiu say in a weeks time will contact me?haiz..i think my hopes are once agn dashed le...maybe i shld try out other cca bah...anw today gems was a little bit not so sian..cause we can play with the keyboard!!but i nv learn piano b4 so i m jus a noobie in it..hahas..anyhow play lo...yea...

ok...tmr will be a long day for me.... and i dunno today wan watch soccer mah leh...see later will tired anot..lols.

Sunday, April 20, 2008
10:41 PM

hello everyone...its weekend lo....let me talk about wad happen on sat first bah...on sat...eric,xr,johnston and alexis come my hse for mahjong and they say they meet up and go eat first but the fact is that they also go buy a haversack for me...omg...thanks alot bros...and also alexis and ivory...thank really..i noe its not cheap...so really xie xie ni meng!....then after that we jiu start to play liao lor...but john a while jiu have to leave le..cause he going to ah ma hse...then after he go..we continue to play till midnight 4 to 5 am?...but alexis cannot tahan liao..and then sleep on my bed!!...say wad 5 mins wake up....zhengge ren like a pig until bu xin liao...hahas..lols...then eric and xr also slp le...only left me... actually i wan watch "xin guang da dao 3 de"..but i also cannot tahan so i also went to slp ...only until 12 pm-1...we then wake up...lols...and guess wad!?...we played mahjong again!..hahahs..are we mj freaks?total we play like 6 rds...and alexis lost the most..hahaha...ok..thats about all...so my nice nice mum bght a cake for me..and eric they all jiu help me celebrate lor...though they use cream bua my face..the smell really very f*** but nvm...18 yrs old bday leh..hahahs...thanks alot once again for wad u all have done for me though its like quite simple

oh and ya... three wishes i have made..
1st:this is a mus...though is like lao tao...but i have to say i hope everyone beside me will be sheng ti jian kang always...(:

2nd:i hope everytime and everyyr...i will be with my buddies(xiangrui,eric,johnston,jian,jordan and many more)

3rd:no no no!..cant say..haha..but i noe it myself..lols

and not forgetting to thanks those who msg me,msn me,tell me personally and also left a comment for me in friendster!!:
they are,



my ge ge
my jie fu

and lastly, I M 18YRS OLD Lo!!!....HHAHAHA.....BUT LAO YI SHUI AGAIN..nvm...OK ONCE AGAIN THANK U EVERYONE FOR the wishes...i appreciate it alot...and also happy bday to me..lols

Friday, April 18, 2008
10:10 PM

5th day of school.....was boring again...first lesson was tutorial for wireless technologies....and the stupid teacher dunno gl wad...he asked wad we have learnt in ytd lecture..so he one by one asked...and one of my classmates tell him about bluetooth and only can be used for short range all those...he jitao say so u r saying uwb and wlan not in short range?then kb him say u r saying something that is so generalised..its jus like u nv say anything..-_-...and keep on stressing on the point that the way we study engineering is wrong...and tell us dun memorise...i agree too much memorise not gd lah....but sometime also need memorise de mah..just like last yr de data comm module...do u think we really so free to find out like why is that question like that..why is this question like that?we only can memorise also..hai bu shi score very gd...anw....this week was real boring for me...dunno how to survive for the remaining weeks of schooling..yr2 sux man...sian...and ya...jus now meet with yuen long and cheryl for pool...play a while jiu go home le.....and ya sorry ah..no pics nowadays...no mood take any pics in school..hahas..ok so tmr mahjong!!!gt to destress yi xia...hahas

2 more days(=

Wednesday, April 16, 2008
5:38 PM

3 days after school reopen le.....I was thinking maybe i should blog about something...lols...though i think school now to me is real boring...to yr1 students... kindly enjoy ur moment now..cause i think yr 1 is really the best in poly....ya carry on with wad i am saying...first day of school is damn sian...and i rmb after my lunch..i cant tahan and slept in class(first time i m doing this?)....cause the module is super dry...ok 2nd day was the same too...sian...and today was even more sian...i regretted taking my gem which is call "music appreciation"...from the way the teacher talk about wad we will be teach or have to do...i think i confirm die liao ....anw..i think i m not the only one who hate the gems cause when i m in the gents i also heard another guy scolding about this gems......lols...wth lah...how am i gg to survive this sem then....i think only maths i will like it...-_-......anw today we went to t15 and play poker after our lunch...hahas...and suddenly from blackjack,we changed to play in between...told u all dun play liao..see lah..play until so much money(jingsheng lost alot?)..lucky i win..hahhaha....but i kindly encourage thta we dun play in betweeb agn..hahas...anw today lesson is from 8-3pm.....it will be another boring day agn...no chio bu to see..hahhas...ok enough of this dry post....and I WAN PLAY MAHJONG !!!....

practical lesson for mobile communciation module

this thing is call"oscilloscope".....lols...sian

this is edwin....one of the noob...hahah

Sunday, April 13, 2008
10:43 PM

today woke up at 12pm....cause we have a last mahjong session for this holiday...lols...so me and john went over to eric hse and we reached at ard 1plus pm....then watch "xinguang da dao 3" awhile before we start the game...anyway i think i really very heng lah...cause keep zimo(=..though i won quite a lot but tmr still need to buy concession so left no more after tmr also ...sian):.....ya saying about tmr...tmr jiu shi school reopen le!!!i dun feel like going sia..still so slack...no mood to study at all...really hope first day let off earlier... tmr 8am have to wake up le... aiya i think i better go slp bah...cyas guys then!!tmr then blog agn...buaiz!!

Friday, April 11, 2008
6:00 PM

anyone who have this song"dai ti" please send me k...thanks lots!!!

Thursday, April 10, 2008
4:17 PM

hi everybody....i m back agn....ytd morn was wake up by yusan to go play mahjong at sean hse....but me and andy dun wan....after that yusan called me agn then say wah lau how can like this...say hao ler then now dun wan...the prob is i nv agree in the first place leh..lols...but andy say go his hse play then...so i say ok lor...if not they san que yi...hahas...anyway...won agn in the end(=...meanwhile in the game..alexis sms me ask me go her hse play mahjong also...lols..so john and me ard 5pm go her hse there......but i think 1 day cannot play 2 times lah...then somemore i think sit bei very suay...so lose the money i won in the morn -_-...sians...ok ok... anw school reopen soon...also not much chance to play le also so ya...and i m now still thinking wad cca to choose sia...table tennis agn?dunno leh..see how bah...ok take care guys(=

am i really too serious?

Tuesday, April 8, 2008
2:13 AM

bad mood now...bad mood nowbad mood now...bad mood nowbad mood now...bad mood nowbad mood now...bad mood nowbad mood now...bad mood nowbad mood now...bad mood nowbad mood now...bad mood nowbad mood now...bad mood nowbad mood now...bad mood nowbad mood now...bad mood nowbad mood now...bad mood nowbad mood now...bad mood nowbad mood now...bad mood nowbad mood now...bad mood nowbad mood now...bad mood nowbad mood now...bad mood nowbad mood now...bad mood nowbad mood now...bad mood nowbad mood now...bad mood now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, April 7, 2008
11:16 PM

ytd was actually a sian day....but alexis and charis suggested to go for dinner tgt...so me and john agreed and we went to lot 1 de pasta mania for dinner...and OMG ITS SO EX lah....they increased the prices...actually dun wan eat de...but in the end hai shi eat le..lols..and while we were eating...ivory came to join us le...and eh..wheres my slippers ah?lols....so after our dinner they came my hse for mahjong...and we played 10 20 cent ....was losing at the start...but li shi chong yan agn...i made a comeback...lols..so in the end..i am the only winner....lols...anw they ton at my hse until 5am and then went back home..cause charis gt school...btw BEWARE OF CHARIS ah ...after her camp...she became more siao le..lols..hahahas..ok so after they went home...i slpt until today de 4 pm then woke up...now its 11.16pm....dunno wad to do later...see how bah..nites everyone then...RMB TO TAG BEFORE U GO ah..thanks!!

11:06 PM

yoyoyo...finally the pics of our sentosa trip is here...lols..all thanks to the "girlish"john....ok.. on friday morning..a grp of sha tan nan hai:X except for 1 guniang who apply suntan lotion :X went to sentosa for an so called final outing before school starts...and early in the morning we met at lot1 first then eat our breakfast before setting off for sentosa...and guess wad..its my first trip to sentosa!..first time in my life leh..lols...anw..we took a train to harbour front then took the shuttle bus to sentosa...we went to only palawan beach...and i wonder y we didnt go to siloso beach?in any case...we still have fun in palwan beach...we played beach soccer with other ppl and we owned them...lols...and john was busying seeing girls with bikini at that time...haha..jkjk....then we went downt he water to take pics and sunbian cool down ourselves cause the weather is super hot...yes and after we came up to the beach...i found out that my slippers was gone...so it was known that is jian and jordan this " two sandcastle man" gao de gui....anw the slippers was finally retrived...and at that time it was about to rain so we went to bath then go back to bugis and have our dinner.....really have fun on that day and hope u guys too!!take care bros...lols

we reached sentosa!!!

me and jordan ( with his zao pai smile)

me trying to find back my lost slippers..lols

aiya..use hands faster lah...

and thanks god its retrived!!

from left:jian me john jordan xr eric(members of orhdeway)lols

jordan suggested to act cool...

the waterboys!!!!

omg see the gay partnersthere??!!

p/s:xr dun listen to john...he always in blog mus gl me de

taken at palawan beach...

on the way back

the place where we took SKYtrain take de

here it is!quite nice inside..lols

hahahs...look at jordan reaction..lols

me and johnston(a.k.a niang)

its dinner time!!


have fun..hope there will be more of this.

Saturday, April 5, 2008
10:05 PM

taken from jiaying blog..looks interesting so play play yi xia..
u all can try out too..quite fun

How to Play
1. Put your music player on shuffle.
2. Press forward for each question.
3. Use the song title as the answer to the question even if it doesn’t make sense. No cheating.
4. With the answers, give your own comments on how it relates to the questions

How are you feeling today?

as the song name mentioned...sounds like i m quite happy ?hahas

Will you get far in life?
ooh~next time i will be a singer plus dancer..?hahas

How do your friends see you?
wah my frens see me as a black jacket meh..lols!?-_-

Will you get married?
我可以 -蔡旻佑 .
hahas....i will be getting married..lols(:

What is your best friend’s theme song?
omg!gt so zhun mah..johnston love tank de song!..hahas

What is the story of your life?
the story of my life is very hot de..hahas..dun play play..

What was high school like?
原来-jj lin
eh..but i dunno how high school was like leh..how to yuan lai sia...hahas

How can you get ahead in life?
hahas...jie bu diao means like dun give up?so i will get ahead by dun give up lo..lols

What’s the best thing about your friends?
the best thing of my fren is when he is still young..cause still immature mah..then very innocent..but now john is not innocent le!!..but still very gd lah..hahas..best buddy 4ever(:

What’s in store for this weekend?
wah gd leh..everything also dan shu...everyone will be so happy lah cause so cheap lo(:

Describe your grandparents
omg...so zhun agn... its the end le lo..

How’s your life going?
hahas...my life is filled with light of happiness...lols..and the ni meng is my buddies!!

What song will they play at your funeral?
wah!!agn so accurate meh..when i see this i cannot believe sia.. but ya lo..is really ji nian ri liao at that time le

How does the world see you?
wah this world see me as a long movie...then is it considered a gd or bad thing..lols?

Will you have a happy life?
after i have save enough love?but now also zero love-_-

Do people secretly lust after you?
wah this one really dunno how to link the song to this qns..lols

How can you make yourself happy?
whenever i m down...i can look at my palm to become happy!!

What should you do with your life?
its a secret!!hahas...

Will you ever have children?
hahaha....i cant stop having children(:..lols

What song would you strip to?
eh this song i wont strip leh..hahas

What does your mum think of you?
会有那么一天 -jj lin
one day she will tell me de..hahas

What is your deep, dark secret?
i m thinking of someone now..its true

What is your mortal enemy’s theme song?
ya so my enemy love wind...hahas!

What’s your personality like?
let(让) u all find out yourself!!...lols

What song will be played at your wedding?
not gd lah..wedding liao still play this song..later parents scold ah..hahas

7:47 PM

hi guys...i m back from my sentosa trip ytd(not now i mean..lols)....but maybe later or tmr i will then upload the photos....cause some of the photos is in john de camera...hahas....and omg 1 more week jiu shi have to wake up early agn then study study study liao...sian ah....but also gd lah..at least wont slack le....but my timetable quick slack leh..haha...lols...oh and ya i have chosen my gems called"music appreciation"...shld be quite sian de but bobian cause i wanted to choose de gems have no more slot le...so ya.....btw there will be new batch of students coming to sp lo...but not excited at all?..lols...however i m happy cause soon i can see my classmates agn...and also hope there will be more girls coming to my class this yr?lols:X...ok thats abt all....wait for my post of the sentosa trip...lols

my timetable is out..ps ah..have to click for larger view of it

taken from my rm de

random pics of me(:

that picture really broke my heart.....

Tuesday, April 1, 2008
9:10 PM

TODAY IS APRIL FOOL DAY!! and ytd midnight was fooled by stephanie!..omg sia..i seriously dunno it was april fool until she tricked me...so how can I dun spread to others?lols...and I have fun april- fooling others...such as my poly frens and other frens like charis,xr.. and some more..!!..hahahas....

ok enough of that.,...anw..jus now early in the morning went to play mahjong at andy hse with sean and jianliang.....was losing at the start but manage to make a comeback and won $10?.it was my first win after playing for so many times...lols...then jus now we also play ps2 and the game is call"deer hunting"...really quite fun sia that game...btw tmr going andy hse agn cause we have to register for our GEMS.... then still gt appointment time de ( 11am till 11.30).....and i think cheng and edwin will be choosing the same gems as us too?OK!!ITS TV TIME NOW...GOING TO WATCH THE 9PM SHOW....nights everyone!!


name:Tan weisheng
school:Singapore Polytechnic(DICT)
yr1:DICT/FT/1B/02 / yr2:DICT/FT/2B/22
born in 20/04/1990
loves to sing..anywhere and anytime!!..
smallest in my family
thinks alot bah
sp sports club(inactive..lols)
music and soccer my life!!

table tennis!!
hanging out with my cliques
my family
night cycling
my table tennis racket
my niece,wenting
my converse shoes
my zinc bag


I MUST GET GPA3.5 ABOVE FOR YR2 SEM2!!!! a new haversack/watch for my birthday
excel in table tennis!!
another 'STAGE' shirt
dyye my hair
change a new specs
score well in my mst
pass my eng! change a new hp
more new clothes
learn musical instrument
a new black watch
three quarter pants
a vest
black or white pants
new jeans
do well in semester exam
able to get into my my choice of course nxt year
maintain my gpa for yr1(sem2)
earn more money
travel to taiwan
become fatter
a singer maybe?
new converse shoes
fleshimp t-shirts
a new ring
able to kick soccer with my friends the whole life(if possibly)
True Love

haolian ppl
irresponsible people
malays(especially those kick soccer de) indians(not being racist but i realli hate them)
promise breaker
ppl who always nt punctual
hang up my phone!
to be left out



hing rong
hwee wen


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