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Friday, February 29, 2008
7:53 PM

erms..the event below happen on 27th feb...lols..eh...that day i pei john to Nafa and Lasalle to made his enquiries and also those payment for the test fees all this...wow..Lasalle was really beautiful sia...lols....look super classs like this...but john never take art in his Os so he canot apply for it...ok..and thats about alll...since it was very hot on that day...we went to eat the famous mango ice located at bugis there....after that we went to swensen again and we eat baked rice...nice but really little...annds..then I suggest to go JEC to play pool and ask john to ask ivory and alexis go also...then at first they say dun wan but in the end they came after those stupid arcade games..haha..lols...ok nth much abt that le...thats all for the day...

the NAFA

the finance department

"ice monster"... famous de..

manggo ice!!delicious!

hahaha..wan to eat bah??

lols...eh john go away leh..

wah...super nice lah this school

annds..ytd me,thomas and yiling went to bukit view sec to watch my table tennis juniors in rgt play against bukit view...BUT!!wth... the guard and the teacher say cannot go in..and in the end we have to go to other place...super sian lah!then thomas suggest go causeway watch movie and we watched AH LONG PTE LTD...hahaha..its was super funny de lah..i wan to watch again!!after that we went back to lot 1 eat then chat chat a while...and went home le....hahas...
ok lastly...today went out with thomas,yiling and sokwen to town...we went to eat pastamania first then go watched "the eye"...haha..erm...the show its the same as those horror shows lor...anyhow anyhow jiu one ppl suddenly pop up then the backgrd sound super loud..wan to scared ppl..haha..but overall the show still nt bad lah...ok..then at first say wan go shopping or play pool de...but yiling have something on so have to go home early..so thomas and sokwen went to orchard...then i pei yiling go home lor..cause i at night going out too...ok..thats abt all le...really very tired...anyway to those whose bday falls on 29th feb...enjoy that special day bah!!

erms...hear le wad happen to ur mum...really feel pity for u...u really gt to take care of ur mum and urself...if not u will fall sick too...really hope i can be of some help...

Tuesday, February 26, 2008
5:41 PM

woohoo~ one more day to my sem 2 results....quite excited and nervous(because of JAVA) at the same time...tmr 1pm jiu noe le...all the best to me and my frens..hahas...good luck everyone!!ands...john ask me tmr pei him go NAFA to made his payment for the school fees?...wah he still have to take a test and also to submit portfolio sia...lols....but to JOHN:if tmr my maths never get A i jiu dun go with u le...lols...ok... btw i think i seriously have to find something to do....its jus so sian at home...only can hear song sing song....but now my hp pathetic lah..only 20 songs for now cause haven go buy memory card...lols..

ytd went out with john to lot 1 and on the way was hearing songs with my earpiece...but ther3's a disadvantage cause i just cant control myself of hearing but not singing at the same time...so i just bian zou bian sing lor but i think i sing too loud cause i saw many passer-by de shi xian turn to me...lols...i was thinking if school reopen then everyday sing in mrt bu shi die...lols.

anyway...I M BORED BUT I JUST HAVE NO LING GAN TO WRITE A SONG....sian ah..anyway since i m feeling sian so just a joke for everyone......



ok off to bath..byes!!

worst MV i have ever seen... hahahha

he just dun fit in this MV? haha

Saturday, February 23, 2008
11:02 PM

wah...its so sian at home lah...eveyrthing its over le...just like wad john say..steamboat,new year,all over le...now wad to do...find job but i think nxt week then find..lols..anyway just say something random...2 days b4, I dreamt abt 1 thing which is my poly results..lols..i gt 3 D 3C...wah lucky is a dream ah..if really get this kind of result..i think die better..lols..anyway.. erm i wan go out!!who wan go out too?...be it pool,movie,shopping or wad...anything i ok de...hope to hear from anyone

ur bday coming soon le...how u going to celebrate leh?just hope to hear some good news from u...and cheer up bahs...see u nowadays so moody..ask u why..u say nth...anyway..be happy kays(:

arh...i m feeling tired while blogging now...soon going to slp le...sians...3 more days to sem results...faster leh...i wan to noe...lols..pass JAVA jiu happy liao...haha..okay end here le..bye!


7:28 PM

hais...hen sian so come to blog blog yi sia...just brght a sony ericsson k800i for 0 dollars...and i think its quite worth it lah..haha..and this is the first time i using a sony ericsson phone..but now xiguan le...and i m also trying out the camera lor...i think there's really a difference between the first two pics(new phone) and the latter two pics(old phone) i taken?anyway..it doesnt come with a memory card so have to buy myself liao..so mafan...dunno when go buy...see first bahs...
ands..ytd went to kick soccer with my buddies...now leg so pain...and i m still feeling tired...just now take a nap for 2 hrs then watch youfu and now start to blog...today really hen sian ah...oh and ya..i seriously think malay has no brain and very useless...):dun say liao although there's "giantss" more to say...
ok.. wads next?...oh..this thursday my table tennis juniors will be having competition..so go support them.. ands...lucky there's someone to pei me...lols..btw, i m feeling so hungry now..):i think i will stop here le..ITS A SIAN DAY.....
lols..testing the new phone camera

2 random pics
lols go buy 4D...

just me..

should i give up and ....and..

Thursday, February 21, 2008
5:24 PM

hi...i m back to blogging...erms ytd went eric hse for steamboat....so..morning went sheng siong and bought a lot of stuffs then took taxi back to his hse....then we wait for jianlong to come before we start... and we started at around 6 plus i think...hahas...really very full...its great to eat tgt with frens lah!!!ok so after we finish eating..we walk around to digest first then start to gamble!...haha...we played blackjack first and its just normal lor..got win gt lose...but the best is yet to come...after fews rd of bj... i suggest to play IN BETWEEN and all say ok...so we played...

everybody put 10cent first into the base...starting was like ok ok...but suddenly the base is getting more and more full with money...and this game is super "xie" lah....those who take A&K can get another A or K...and they have to pay double sia.....its realli alot for those who take 10 or 20 dollars..lols.......after that we reach so call the climax....cause inside i think gt $50 to $60 plus...even though u got good cards..u also wont dare to take alot of money...you will keep say to yourself like.."wad if gt to pay double leh?"but lucky i m not that suey afterall and i won some money...i think jordan and eric lose the most o.o?but to those who have alot of frens..u all can try in between..its super damn exciting...ur heart will beat like hell(like wad jordan say)..lols....

anyway we play in between for quite sometime...then we changed back to blackjack with jordan being the banker...so play a while again then stopped..and went out to living room and watch tv..lols.but some stay in eric rm and use his lappy to do lame things...after that eric they all say go my hse watch soccer....so we walk from his hse to my hse at abt 3am..lols..its quite a long walk lah..anyway..we watched until 545am and they a while jiu went back home..and i went to sleep lor...thats all for ytd...and tmr going for soccer again!!but i injured both of my legs..sians...>.<

once again thanks guys for ytd=)=)

looks appealing?

the game which hurts a lot of ppl..haha

the climax...all super excited

see the stack of money.

many of the red note is gone lo..

and left like this in the end..

jordan and xr.. in the middle of the road

thanks for the truth(though i feel super sad now)..
but i wont give up de...we can start from best frens... =)

Monday, February 18, 2008
2:37 PM

ytd went eric hse play mahjong and lose 20 dollars..sad sia..but nvm lah... new year mah..lols..

erms..btw tmr going for steamboat with my buddies at eric hse...morning going to buy all the stuffs then afternoon go his hse prepare...it must be fun..and johnston also suggest there must be beer...lols..he is just a jiu gui.....

ok though i sounds like i m ok...but actually i m feeling real bad now...i noe the truth will hurts but i rather u tell me now if is really true..because of u...i m always keep thinking...if this goes on..i think i will falll sick soon...

u say u can feel my love for u...and i told u i wont give up and will wait for u...but i still wan to noe something..u really no feel about me?to be honest....u r the only girl that i really like so much...and i care so much for...no one could replace u...so if the answer to the question above for u is no...then i guess i will not go into any relationship anymore..cause i think i m just so useless in love relationship..so wad if i care a lot for the person and done so much..no one noes..but i hope u will do..anyway..now is up to u.......if u get to see this..y not just tell me...

Saturday, February 16, 2008
11:30 PM

woo~changed a new blogskin le...lols..have used the previous one for quite sometime..i believe its time to change le bah...anyway the skin not too bad?comment please..lols..OK....wads next...today really whole day slack at home and watch tv...omg...next week gt to find job liao...if not no money to buy things...
erms Johnston suggest that we whole bunch of buddies go to eric hse on the last day of cny and eat steamboat tgt...great idea ah...but have to see eric can mah...haha...but actually i m more interested in mahjong..i think i m seriously addicted to it after my first try on it.....

lastly...27 of feb i will be noeing my semester exam result le...omg..so fast...hopefully I can maintain my gpa or seriously speaking..i MUST maintain..if not i will be going to the least interested choice of course which is programming...but i just hope my classmates can go to the same choice as me...good luck to everyone first bah...(:

ok...nth much to say about today...so slack................................................

Friday, February 15, 2008
11:29 PM

random pics(:

went to kbox ...

erms..today woke up at 11 plus...then prepared to go to kbox with johnston plus 2 of his frens...lols..so reach jurong de kbox liao..jiu sing sing lor..today no form..lols..a lot of high notes cant hit..hen sians..plus today we went..and it was cny week too so the person say each person 18++...in the end..plus dao lai..27 dollars each...4 person tgt.. $106....diaos~
...anyway nvm lah...
btw at night plan to go eric hse play mahjong de but he gt something on..so nvm... nxt time bah...erms..anyway i guess nth much to blog abt today also de..so happy belated valentines day to everyone...and hope many of my frens enjoyed themselves ytd bahs(:nites everyone..

Wednesday, February 13, 2008
12:49 PM

Royce..real nice(:

nth..jus plain water..lols

my fish and chips

johnston de baked rice

gold rush..

today went out with johnston to suntec and buy something..so we went to swensen and eat our lunch...no money liao still ask me treat>.<..lols..anyway the food was quite nice luhs..so after that we intend to watch movie de but something happen on the way..so nv watch...then i went down to cwp and wait for someone..erms btw jus now on the way to watch movie...i keep thinking of your reaction..i m shocked realli..erms..i have alot of things to say to u de..but my mind jus went blank...):haiz..anyway happy valentines day to u (=
ok..lastly..Kungfu dunk was quite funny and nice...but sad in the end..anyway overall it was ok...hao lah..i will end here le..hope everyone will enjoy themselves today and happy valentines to everybody (:

i m not happy):

Tuesday, February 12, 2008
6:53 PM

erm...ytd afternoon slack at home until 7 plus.....then watch spop a while jiu went to watch movie with john,xr,jian and eric...we met at ard 9pm...and we decided to watch cj07, the 9.45pm one...so we went to ntuc and buy some tidbits first, and we very funny..keep planning of how to keep the things and go inside the cinema..but afterall, we jus went in like that...they also wont stop us de lah..lols(=...ok..the show was quite nice and funny.. but for the touching part......i think still cha yi dian for me..lols..not much feeling...but the show overall is ok ..anyway i wan to watch the Ah Long de leh...who wan to pei me watch lehssss....

then after the show,we actually wan go eric hse and play mahjong again...but johnston dun wan and i also wan to go home rest...so in the end..we went home...lols...anyway today ben lai wan go out and buy something for someone de..but tmr then go bahs..hahas

btw..just now was watching bai fen bai and today gt one part is about tarot cards..and the theme is about love de...then omg...i think is quite zhun..but i hope it is really true for me bahs..ok...2 more days to valentine's day...but this year i will be alone again bahs):....erms..nth to say liao...take cares guys.....

i hope its realli true(:

Sunday, February 10, 2008
2:09 PM

woo~finally my 100th post le..hhaa!erm anyway ytd night no time to blog so now then start...Ok..ytd my buddies, poly-mates plus sec frens came my hse to bai nian and u all noe wads next(:lols...is to sit down and gamble!!...and this time i dun care...play 5 dollars all the way and a while jiu become me be banker..luckily i won....lols..but in the end..win little lah..30 dollars i think...sry for those i never entertain(my poly frens)..cause i was too busying gambling...psps>.<...

then ard 5 something..many of my frens went home and left us only...then we gamble a while more..they jiu go my rm play xbox le...but i continue play blackjack with 2 of my poly buddies at the balcony..hahas..they are lucky..if not i jiu win abt 70 dollars liao):..but nvm lah..lose or win...its ok..have fun jiu hao(:then at abt 7 pm..all left but johnston,eric and xr stayed for dinner which is steamboat..hahas..shiok leh(:anyway we after that jiu go back rm set up table and play poker first...then to blackjack and to mahjong...ands i think green colour really lucky for me this yr..^_^

....hahas..btw mahjong was really fun..although i HU quite alot of times but in the end still lose $1.50(play small small de)...but it was indeed fun...and we play from 11pm to 6am.. then john went home next.. but eric and xr stay...then eric jitao sleep until now then wake up..hahas..erms..i didnt really get to sleep so later going to take a nap and at night going movie le..long time nv watch movie liao>.<..ok i going to stop here...good nite...lols..

oh and lastly..thanks for those who came ytd..but sry for those i never entertain..anyway hope u all have fun kays...and enjoy this CNY bah!!

Saturday, February 9, 2008
4:21 PM

hellos..i m back to blogging..ytd at night go eric hse play until nxt morning then come back...so now(4pm) then wake up..lols...btw ytd go eric hse we jiu jitao start to play blackjack le..haha..was actually winning de when i m banker..lols..but.......in the end i lose..hahs>.<...but nvm lah...have fun jiu haos...and i have a new kou tou chan which is "pai bu mei bu yong jing!"but not much use lehs..lols..erms..today nv go bai nian so i will be so sian again..only have to wait till tmr lo...so many ppl coming sia...erms..btw no pics taken for ytd...annds so...once again HAPPY NEW YEAR ,hope everyone will have fun ands 鼠钱鼠到你 gi siao ah!! oh and one more important thing is..HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY DADDY!!

Thursday, February 7, 2008
8:14 PM

erm..today is nian chu yi lo!...everyone so busy with bai nian lah.. but for me,today so sian..only go one hse nia..then no one play cards..so all the way watch tv programme and eat..then now at home blogging..-_-i wan to watch movie de leh=D..but all my frens today will be late home so I gt to gave up the idea..just stay at home watch a harry potter which have been repeating for dunno how many times liao..lols..erm anyway tmr will be visiting abt 3 hse nia..so will be back home early again bah i think..sians..only sunday then is shiok..haha..!!ok lah i gonna order macdonald liao..no steamboat-_-...btw...hope everyone enjoy themselves!!and once again HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR TO ALL=D=D=D

random zilian pics..lols

on the way to pasir ris

inside the car...

my father carrying my niece see ship=D..haah

home sweet home...

i just reallihope u can come on that day only ...

Wednesday, February 6, 2008
7:19 PM

hi i m here to blog again(:......hahas...had just finished eating reunion dinner with my family.. and one more day it will be CNY lo!! so fast sia...hahas..but dunno y this yr not that excited to go bai nian leh..but only hope that sunday can reach soon..cause i have invited my frens they all to come my hse and play cards plus lot more things to do..haha..last year also gt invite them but this year there will be many new faces(..my poly- mates)...and some secondary frens which i have not see for quite a long time le..so cyas everybody on that day....and Johnston, please be the first to reach..lols..

and my mum suddenly say tmr gt go bai nian liao..is go my jie fu hse ..haha this mean I can get to see my cute niece again le(:but now very ku nao wad to wear for tmr leh..i think just wear long sleeve bah):..anyway...hope everyone can get lots of hongbaos this year kays!btw just found a song quite nice..feel free to hear bah..its the 2nd song..(:hahhs



Tuesday, February 5, 2008
12:59 AM

63 words

Touch Typing

Monday, February 4, 2008
7:47 AM

haiz..i m getting sick le..to be exact is already sick le..sore throat..flu..fever..sian lah..new year wan reach le jiu like this ....aiyo...really no mood liao lah..whole body is getting hotter and hotter...no more love letters and bak kwa for me liao lor..ok lah..wenling dun be like me ah..take care of your health kays....ok nites everyone..tomorrow wont be blogging le bah..

i m seriously sick le..):

Saturday, February 2, 2008
10:20 PM

a pic for me to calm down hopefully:)
this is our graduation time take de photo...and is tarin sent me de..haha so long le..but this is wad we call happy memories..its really fun to have such cute classmates..haha..i really miss the fun we had in our previous years....but anyway thanks you guys for everything(: and the main point of this photo is that gt one person act cute..lols..haha

::1st post::

wah i m now super fedup!!!!!!...excuse me wad for u come msn talk to me and jus write something so lame...then say nth wrong..WAD FOR U TELL ME!?...and dun jia li hai ok..u dunnoe anything abt me jiu jus shut ur mouth up...and please lah..somemore still say wad so sum everything up equal no big deal..knn this one u say de ah?u care so much gam..i jio dao ppl or jio bu dao..ur business ah!?still say wad if i copy and paste to her see..eh let me tell u something..i noe someone like u so boliao will go copy and paste for sure..i m fine with it..cause i gt nth to scared...but an advice for u..doing this jus make u look like a fool..a kaypo.. and blah blah blah ok...and let me tell u is u the one who are wasting ppl time and not the other way round..so dun make it look like i m in the wrong and u r in the right....cause this jus make me more dulan!!! and talk halfway dun say wad i m joking only lah all this..y?scared ah!!!!...say liao nvm...but in the end are u joking?..i dun think so..and y so humji..ask ppl shut up then offline...aiyo..u r jus simply simply pathetic i think...i jus dunno y there are still this kind of person living in this world..DUN TALK TO ME ANYMORE I TELL U...U R JUS WASTING MY TIME..SO NXT TIME JUS CARE UR OWN BUSINESS..LAMER!!..anyway..soryy for all the vulgarities..i jus cannot control..>.<

6:33 PM

::2nd post of the day::
hello everybody..i m back from my dinner(: .. though i am not really full..haha...but anyway..jus to tell u all the place i went to is like very "ULU"de and i think the street name is call..wad "jalan chanckut"..dunno how to spell lah..only noe it is at yishun/khatib there..but omg..later i then found out the place is quite romantic sia..still got like river..then a place for people to fish all that...plus a pool table and other entertainment stuffs for people there...its jus like a chalet lo...i still noe the name of the place..is call "Bottle park something..lols..forget again"maybe one day i can bring u all go(:..i think take mrt to Khatib jiu ok liao...the scenery there is really very nice..hahas...ok..nth much more le..after eating jiu went home le..

oh ya..nxt week is CNY le...so fast sia..i just hope CNY that week de sunday can faster reach..cause i m inviting my frens to come..and this yr..there will be abt 18-20 of them..omg..i guess is alot hor?hahas..my mum is going to give alot of hongbao liao..but nvm i will win back when we are playing blackjack cause johnston will be the banker Pp;..haha..lets have fun on that day!!ok i will end here le..goodnight everyone..=)

::1st post of the day::

lols...today something funny happen ...ard 6pm,my mum and dad came back after buying things and also brght something for me to eat...then after i eat le..i went back to room..i suddenly heard my mum and dad shouting.."oi..oi!!wait ah wait ah..(from 14th floor shout down to the ground floor..lols)"guess who are they shouting to..haha?...then my mum faster ask my dad go down..then he yi bian change his clothes and meanwhile not forgetting to scold all those &%$#@#!... then after my dad rush down...my mum still keep on shouting "oi!!wait hor!"but too bad the _ _ _ _ _ _ _-_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ drive off without waiting..but lucky she drive off if not i think my dad sure keep scold her liao because this is the second time le....haha..dunno lah..i only keep laughing and told my mum u shout also no use..they na ni ke neng so gd wait for u):...ok..going out soon to yishun to eat seafood liao....maybe later come back and blog again..lols..bye guys!!
i m willing to wait for u..wo zhi yao ni=D


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my family
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I MUST GET GPA3.5 ABOVE FOR YR2 SEM2!!!! a new haversack/watch for my birthday
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change a new specs
score well in my mst
pass my eng! change a new hp
more new clothes
learn musical instrument
a new black watch
three quarter pants
a vest
black or white pants
new jeans
do well in semester exam
able to get into my my choice of course nxt year
maintain my gpa for yr1(sem2)
earn more money
travel to taiwan
become fatter
a singer maybe?
new converse shoes
fleshimp t-shirts
a new ring
able to kick soccer with my friends the whole life(if possibly)
True Love

haolian ppl
irresponsible people
malays(especially those kick soccer de) indians(not being racist but i realli hate them)
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ppl who always nt punctual
hang up my phone!
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